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IAU Meeting Summary. Provided by the Royal Astronomical Society.

Decisions have now been made for the first round of the ITG program. Individuals who applied for travel funding to meetings other than the IAU General Assembly have been contacted by phone (for meetings in April or early May) or will soon receive a check in the mail. Please sign and return the form enclosed with your award letter as quickly as possible. Everyone who applied for travel funding has been awarded the amount requested for airfare.

Decisions have also been made for travel to the IAU General Assembly. Applicants to the AAS program should receive (by the end of the first week of May) an award letter with a form to sign and return. Thanks to support from NASA, travel awardees may also request registration expenses on the return form. A second check will be mailed during the summer to cover General Assembly registration for those requesting the funding.

The AAS has coordinated the ITG award process with the IAU to maximize the number of people able to attend the General Assembly. Individuals who applied directly to the IAU for travel funding will receive (mailed on 4-24-00) an AAS application form to fill out and return. Once the AAS form has been received, we can provide funds towards the cost of your roundtrip airfare to the General Assembly. You may also request NASA funds on this form to cover registration costs.


The National Science Foundation and NASA have both provided funding for travel of individuals at US institutions to the IAU General Assembly in August. The GA will take place in Manchester England from August 7-18. Information about the meeting can be found on the IAU web page. There is also a more practical page providing information on lodging etc. located here.

(Note that the IAU offers both Symposium travel grants and General Assembly travel grants independent of the AAS Travel Grant program. The Deadline for IAU grant applications is 15 February.)

The AAS will also administer a National Science Foundation grant, which provides funding for airline travel to other international science meetings. This funding is also available only to individuals at US institutions.

The AAS deadline for applications for funding for travel to the IAU General Assembly and the first round of funding for travel to international meetings. Results of the review process should be ready by March 31.

The AAS deadline for the second round of funding for travel to international meetings will be August 28, 2000. Results from the second round should be ready by mid-September.

On this page you can download AAS application forms in either Postscript or PDF formats.

You can find Travel Grant information in the AAS Newsletter.

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